Monday, April 27, 2009

hey young world

todays title refers to a slick rick song. now what does slick rick the ruler have to do with today? well slick rick recently did a collaboration with up and coming rapper asher roth. asher roth has used a sample of the early reading rainbow where the era appropriate levar burton speaks. thats where i want to start. now how did i get to that point? twitter, unfortunately. levar burton "tweeted" it. he also tweeted about going cold turkey with smoking. levar burton is so badass. the asher roth song is pretty legit too.

to me twitter is one of those steps backward; just like the creation and development of text messaging. why text when you have a phone? isnt listening to someone use words better than reading chopped and screwed grammar on a tiny ass screen? but i digress, twitter is used by a bunch of twits: ashton kutcher, wierd al yankovic, cnn, among others. unforunately, america's former hero, hero lance armstrong is an avid twit.

i just cant comprehend confining myself to 140 characters. thats right, 140 characters per post- in this blog i put down at least 6 or 7 times that! fuuuuuuuuck.

saturday night, i ate shit on my bike and found out my tires had been punctured by a stray sharp object. i shrugged it off but the next day while borrowing my roomate's longboard, i ate bigger shit while crossing the railroad. that one hurt like a bitch. the front wheels fell into the railroad crossing and literally catapulted me forward. i landed on my right shoulder. while i tried to soften the fall, i fought it with my left hand which lost feeling in it for a while. my wrist is still fucked up from that maneuver. then as a cherry on top of injury, my face slammed into the concrete. longboard: 1 jmik: -1000.

i had fixed the flats (with some snazzy ass giant bicycle tubes), and wnet to make sure they were functioning properly. while on this ride i found out that the annual chico wildflower ride was going on. i didnt know this, so i decided to line up and ask what was going on. so here i am: jeans, t shirt, pierced up, backwards baseball cap on a stickered up track bike among jerseyed, spandex adorned, helmet wearing, cyclists on bikes 3 to 4 times as expensive as my own bike. i pulled up to the stoplight where they had stopped.
me:"so how you guys doin? whats going on today?"
one cyclist gives me a snotty ass look. a kid mutters "pfft..."

that fucked up. i couldve took on all of them. well not really. but they pissed me off. maybe if i were wearing a full on jersey and a helmet they wouldve talked to me.

as i did my rounds on my bike i stopped for coffee. apparently i might be in some random ass commercial or someone's project or something. there were a group of people filming something in front of the naked lounge. i was on the fone with my gf the whole time. ted shred might be in there to for no reason.

so here's to a new week. lets hope it's a productive one.

well, as productive as humanly possible....
or maybae as productive as long as i have the attention span for.


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