Monday, May 11, 2009

chop suey.

race didnt go down. it was hot as balls, and the dude who set up the thing didnt even show. what a dick. i have recovered from my sickness but not fully- i still have a horrible cough. today i saw a blindingly bright yellow schwinn madison. i did some research and figured out that thats the 2009 color. the brake lines were attatched by zip ties. then three things occured to me:
one: if i were to have a daughter, her name would be Madisone (with an e)
two: this thing is so bright- bike nappers would be RIDICULOUSLY compelled to steal it.
three: this bike was not meant to have brakes. at all.

i rode away from this monstrosity only to realize that bike companies are realizing the capital to be made because of the fixed gear phenomena. kids want crazy setups with straight forks and deep v wheels and ridiculous colors. and brakes. what happened to the rawness of the track bike. in cycling terms, the madison event was f*cking brutal. dudes would sling their teamates in order to get ahead- in a race that used to last SIX DAYS. so from that- a yellow track bike with ziptie attatched brakes. it just didnt compute with me. i may be young, but i know my sh*t.



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