Monday, May 4, 2009

alleycat. shmalleycat

so may 9th is chico's next alleycat race. i met the dude setting it up yesterday at bike and board- hes pretty cool. i like his setup: leader setup (with carbon fork) and black weinmanns, with riser bars. dude was just putting on some grips yesterday. i dont know what to expect on saturday, but im sorta getting ready for it. today i should be getting my rear tire- thats crucial sh*t. first off, i'll only put a soma everwear on my rear tire no questions asked. i dont care much for the radonneurs, or the armadillos, or the gatorskins. everwears are tried and tested. sure the sidewalls suck, but they dont pose a problem until the tire is worn down anyway. so anyway, may 9th is also the sacramento alleycat. i wish i had a car because i would be there sooooo fast. it sucks. if i could i would make that trek (no pun inteneded  for all you grease monkeys). fonseca films is going to show no cassettes too...

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