Sunday, April 19, 2009

crossing lines

"i think we're better than any american band...because... we're English."
-olly sykes of BMTH, headbangers ball

so im watching headbangers ball on mtv 2 (first time giving a f*ck about it) and a band by the name of oceano came up. i like them. i believe that is the sound of contemporary AMERICAN death metal. shortly after, satyricon came on. thats straight up norwegian death (no wait, black) metal. the thing i want to get to is the way metal sounds around the world. the subgenres are also a thing i want to talk about- there's a shit load of subgenres out there that intrigue me.

lets start with oceano- an american band. i would like to point out the front man is black, being from the bay area (though this band is from chicago) and seeing how a handful of bay area hardcore/metal groups fronted by men and women of ethnic dissent. in any case, oceano has a very recognizable sound which is backboned by alot of snare drum and breakdown like sounds, and as slow as it sounds it's actually very fast paced. on myspace they say theyre metal/deathmetal/hardcore... of course there are other bands like this; acacia strain, job for a cowboy, elysia....

now lets move on to across the pond... bleed from within is a scottish band i found a few years back. these guys are technical with alot of timing changes as well as  intricate patterns. at first i wasnt a fan of weird breakdowns that involved solo like playing instead of chord mashing (e.g. "we are gathered here today" contains one of these), but ive become accustomed to appreciate them- this one especially, because it involves 2 guitars harmonizing. i like that. not surprisingly, their myspace description says metal/deathmetal/hardcore...

of course there's one of the bigger bands today: bring me the horizon. it says they're Metal/ Hardcore/Thrash. thrash is up my alley. i like thrash music. anyway, bmth has way mellower vocals (currently; their first album has vocals that are really brutal, regardless, i think the choice to have a softer vocal was a a great change of pace). its been a trend that euro/aussie bands have alot of melodic elements when it comes to metal. e.g. i killed the prom queen, evita, the red shore. im a sucker for that sh*t.

then there's the norwegian sh*t. in my opinion, norwegian black/ death metal is kind of wierd to me. lets take zyklon for example; this norwegian band follows come nutzo patterns, and the vocals seem really off to me. i appreciate how techical this stuff is, but i feel as if norwegian metal is too epic and not enough  "IM GONNA F*CK YOU UP" kinda stuff... i dont know. its a silly caricature of what i think is metal.

so whatever you listen to, metal is worldwide.

it's late. my stomach hurts.
gonna go on an early bike ride tomorrow. i think. NAH


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