Monday, March 23, 2009

family man

i woke up this morning only to realize that i have my brakes on my bike- beforehand i searched high and low for my gloves thinking i would have to endure the relentless cold that exeunts from my bare metal bullhorns. i went outside only to find out that my goddamn brake setup was on. FAIL.

so im going to try to blog my notes, because i seem to dislike taking acutal notes. im going to make it like a bloglike state.

im in my political science class and we're going to talk about the family and how it causes sociological problems. so the family is based on kinship, a relationship based on blood ties, marriage ties, and "adoption". however, it has definately changed as time progressed.

there's the extended family involves 3 or more generations living together or in extremely close proximity. thinking about it, it's entirely possible to have extended families, due to the current economy. sh*t, money is tight. interesting enough, there's some difficulty in this situation: the sandwich generation- when the elders and youngin's  present a conflict with the middle generation.

then there is the nuclear family. nuclear sounds f*cking harsh but honestly it kinda is. parents as well as their children separate and move around. this could be due to jobs, and differing opinions (sick of where youre living), etc etc. this was a shift due to the economy because of job chasing and unfortunately due too the recession,  it has caused a gap from generations.

the modified extended family is the ideal mixture of the nuclear and extended family. this means that the nuclear family does make efforts to see the other parts of the family.

as far as the functunalists are concerned , the family institution socializes and educates the children in the family. it also gives status and idnetity. if it's doing what its doing, it should be regulating sexual and reproductive behavior. this means the behavior of the younger generation should be covered by the family institution.

then there is the conflict theorists which say its all in interest of corporations. they look at the situations of the nuclear family. "they have their own sh*t, we have out own sh*t. and we aint gotta share" would probably be the catch phrase for them. it's sad but true.

teen pregnancy, behavior problems, blah blah blah, all caused by the family institution. hmmmm... younger generations learning from example, i dont think so. if it's doing what it's doing it should all be regulated (or should be not regulated due to lack of parent proximity
) lack of supervision? thats more like it. the parents do have a lot to do with the family institution. seriously, the younger generation is becoming more and more alienated from the parents and it is causing an unfortunate shift. the current family institution involves divorce, widows, and basically the removal of adequate parenting.

now this comes into conflict with the functionalist perspective- the current family institution messes up everything. however it does come to show that it really DOES educate the younger generation. it sucks. this is why the next generation is coming up as a demented set of youth. it also messes with the fact that it sets off an offset family identity. more conflict is caused by the generational majority shift. as the younger generation grows older, the older generations is offset and the rules of engagement change. for example, younger generations making kids before marriage- obviously something an older generations wouldnt understand.

this is a lot of sh*t to comprehend.

f*****ck.....  it sounds like a book.

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