Sunday, October 19, 2008

spent my last 2 bucks.

i just spent my last 2 dollars (that were part of my safeway sickness cure spree) on arizona 99cent drinks. why? because i'm thirsty as f*ck. i realized that the lights on my bike arent really helpful. they look cool, but in pitchblackness they suck ass. i might invest in some velcro and a maglight.

my right arm is sore for trying to do wheelies on the bike. i am teh suck. i cant seem to lean back far enough or ccrank hard enough to find that little pocket. i think i need to pull my seat up. probably about an inch or two.

i need to go buy some mad sweatpants. the weather at night is getting pretty rough. i love the cold weather, i hate it when it lingers though.

spinergy carbon wheels suck ass.


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