Sunday, October 19, 2008

the origins.

this weekend my girlfriend came from milpitas to visit. it was really fun and nice to be with her again. it was a piece of home that i really needed. i missed her. my stomach broke down and she took care of me. my throat really hurts right now and i dont know where it came from. it sucks. it could be something that went around because she had it too when she left.

i was sad when she left.

i miss her again.

i'e taken a liking to old thrash metal from the big four: metallica, slayer, anthrax, and megadeth. i like the usual things one would like from them: master of puppets, war ensemble, caught in a mosh, etc. i ended up watching this swedish documentary on youchoob about thrash and the origins. i'm on the second part and it's really interesting how modern hardcore sprouted from it.

im gonna get a burger.


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