Wednesday, October 1, 2008

motha f*cka im ill

so im sick and i just woke up. i woke up hot, but in a cold sweat. i downed a gatorade and now im ready for action.

and that action my friends, i bedtime action.

and by bedtime action i mean sleep.

j mik.

here's some bike porn for shits and giggles:

copper plated, fsa carbon crankset, ovalconcepts carbon fork, integrated drops with brooks handlebartape, brooks saddle, pursuit 3 triangle geometry. (painted zipp track disc?)

la suprema knows how to make a bike.


Beca said...

You should see it in real life. Ed's bikes are insanely beautiful and Chris' in particular is gnarly perfect.

Senefer said...

Is it clear coated?