Monday, September 29, 2008

i sometimes dont comprehend it. i try being what she wants me to be but alas, i fail. i even tried giving her a breather, but she refused. i dont know what im doing wrong. i know im geting way frustrated and all, but i believe that can change with the right attitude and support.

im not getting either.

in other news. i bent down today and felt a sharp pain from a muscle in my on my left buttcheek. is it possible to get a charlie horse on a buttcheek? life's been good.last weekend was one of the better ones- i got to go to critical mass. blocking traffic is fun. i some how managed to learn how to ride with no handlebars the other day. it just happened. it was wierd. im going to get some rest now for my weary heart and heavy head. or was it heavy heart weary head? im not sure



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