Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the end of an era: iminusd is closing it's retail store

the other day i heard some somber news that cut me pretty hard. our familia at iminusd will be closing down their retail location by the end of the month. these guys have been supporting me since the beginning and have contributed to the fixed gear community around the world since it's founding in 2009. they put me on wheels, put some shirts on my back, let me judge contests, gave me beer and food, allowed me to blog on their website, and have allowed me to make connections with bike people near and far. i would like to take a minute to thank jeffy d, trang, jp, and all the other folks that let me loiter around the shop in my off days when i was in town. most off all i would like to thank mr. mark cosio for bringing the epicenter of fixed gear and fgfs to san jose. if it weren't for his efforts, i dont think fixed gear would be get this far.

if i didn't have their support, BHSK would have ceased to exist. that's how much this shop means to me. i was a punk ass kid trolling san jose fixed's forums with a cruddy website and a shitty bike. they were the first company to respond to my emails when i needed some stuff for my contests i threw up north. since then i was the basically the first to show up to their events and first to celebrate their achievements. it kind of sucks seeing such a big part of my own life shut it's doors. BHSK is definitely indebted to iminusd.

though i dont know what the future holds for imd just yet, it's really sad to see your hometown shop lock it's doors for the last time (hopefully indefinitely), especially when it's had such a big impact on your life and others worldwide. there will never be another shop like imd, and never will.

ride forever fam.


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kris said...

Obviously I love you. And this sucks. However I know I was one of the first websites and riders to really offer some support to IMD and only because Mark pushed it. Over the years we saw their team "support" dwindle and the overall interest in the market decline. They maintained their spot as king of the "boutiques" through anyone and everyone that helped rep them. The last solid anything (video/photo) repping the shop surely didn't come from anyone in house. Now that the market has gotten more difficult the support is gone...even while there's still plenty of dollars to be scraped up...they're out. Don't get me wrong they supported me for years but also dicked people all over front street for more. Mark is my dude and the times (and money) change...but ultimately the shop began to fail a long time ago.