Thursday, January 29, 2015

many clouds of smoke: fyxation humboldt

(via fyxation)
fyxation and BHSK go way back. back when i used to throw fixed gear comps in college, they supported my stuff for a long time. i still run their bars on my FGFS bike. lately they've been creeping into the handmade goods, and i couldnt be more proud of that. with a ton of stuff coming from overseas nowadays, we need more stuff made stateside. the newest piece they're making is the humboldt- a rolltop bag handmade in brew city. named after a street in mikwaukee (sorry california peoples, it's not named after a certain county know for growing certain green plants) this thing is pretty damn good lookin', and pretty weatherproof. you should always support US manufacturing, and fyxation's doing a good job of keeping stuff in house. get to it y'all.


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