Wednesday, January 28, 2015

disco hits: matt reyes and devon lawson for premier fits

i'm still trying to play catch up through all the stuff that i've missed over this hiatus and for some reason i stopped to look back at some old joints- particularly ones that have matt reyes in 'em. no one really rides as fluid as he does in my opinion, and that's probably the reason why i didn't completely dismiss fgfs as a spinoff from bmx. in this most recent he teams up with devo for premier fits. first off, matt's always got the dope music in the background. these two could not be any more different when it comes to riding style, but when you put then both together you could see the styles blend super nicely- you even got devo doing super smooth slumworm-esque stuff, and matt doing heavy devo-like stuff. but in the end, devo hammered that last one like it was no one's business.


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