Friday, March 7, 2014

socks sock socks s-s-socks (EVERYBOOOODAY): mashsf "pentagram" & sockguy "sriracha"

(via benscycle)
i'm pretty sure i've seen these before (probably at interbike) and these may have been around for a while, but fuck it. they're rad, this is my blog and i'll type about it anyway. the dudes over at sockguy did a little tribute of the world's most versatile condiment with a sriracha sock. yeah. give benscycle your money.

(via PC)
if delicious coniments aint up your alley why not try MASHSF's newest dedication to the dark lord: the pentacross. i don't know what's with cycling and satanic imagery's unholy union but i dont every want it to fucking stop. it's so good. now you know that you'll always be standing and supported by the hounds of hell every time you hop on a bike. get your demonic foot cloaking devices over at mashsf.


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