Monday, March 10, 2014

my goodness, finally: blanco has an edit

Alex Blanco | 2014 from Jeff Dempler on Vimeo.
for those whe have been reading me for quite some time, you know there was a point where i used to constantly say "blanco needs an edit". well, years later he has one. and it's a damn good on. i know for a fact that blanco has quite literally a hard drive full of clips, and this barely scratches the surface of whats in said metaphorical hard drive. the guy is just so damn consistent and pulls out ices like he's on a bmx bike. the way he rides is with force too- watch the line at :25. he feebles, and as he comes off, he noses that rig  into the wheelie and ices the second ledge. it takes some fucking power to do that shit.

also, the asian plaza ledge off tully road in san jose is hit in this one. i used to pass by that spot all the time and wonder if anyone can pull something off there- it shoots you straight into traffic. dope that he hit it.


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