Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i'm a tad biased: FIXIEBOYZ408 2013

FIXIEBOYZ408 2013 RECAP from Daniel Le on Vimeo.
yes, i'm a bit biased when i say this but i honestly thing san jose is still one of the epicenters for FGFS. yeah yeah yeah you can gawk at me about how everyone moved away and how long beach is still really dope, but these young'ns know what to do with them bikes. Watcha Flocka, PCHEN, PVN, Daniel Le, Little Tony K (Kameren), Valentin Racho JDM boy, Myles Little Wayne Padilla, yUNG Kent (Mr. Miyagi), and Jordan Madarang kill this and we also got blanco and dew coming into the view of the lens as well. what i find interesting is how much these dudes are fine tuning their own riding styles. daniel le can pull a rotation out of anything and still not bump into shit. PVN is definitely up and coming and i've seen that dude improve so much. kent is motherfucking young. jordan (technically the kid is a 408 implant by way of 209cogs), IS MOTHERFUCKING DOPE AS FUCK- THAT HOMIE SAID FUCK A KEOSPIN. i'm super excited for the upcoming year for these dudes.


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