Sunday, March 30, 2014

friends in far places: ricardo lino 4 days in barcelona

4 DAYS IN BARCELONA WITH RICARDO LINO /////////// ENNUI , ISN´T IT? from Ennui Brand on Vimeo.
lino sent this over to me before this dropped and my jaw hit the floor. there are grinds everywhere. but that's what my homie lino is and what he does well: grinds, and grinds almost no one would touch. he'll do it regular, he'll do it switch, he'll do smiths, he'll  do double pegs- lino dont fuck around. really down with the lucky grinds (luc-e, whatever) he pulled, and towards the end, shit was getting buck with the combos. i had a conversation with rico about whats coming up and i hear he's been stacking clips for a destroy edit later on in the year!


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