Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the path to healing: state bike co shockwave featuring steven jensen

State Bicycle Co. - FGFS - Shockwave from State Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.
soooooo.... i've said some good and i've said some bad things about state bicycles. i can see from your face that you're expecting me to rip this thing to shreds. i'm not going to. why? i see potential here. now i'm going to do a post later this month about what needs to happen in FGFS to make it work again, but as a sneak preview i'll let you in on one of the points i want to put forth: FGFS needs to get both tricks and transport down. the state shockwave does that. sure it lacks a bmx style drivetrain and 26" wheels and a pivotal seatpost (and that's another point- FGFS needs to get inexpensive again), but this is one 430 A to C fork swap away from being a frame with zero bb drop, and it's one tire swap from being a monster truck 29er.

with the competition throwing all their chips into 26" FGFS, there's open season for the newer fixed gear generation that is interested in FGFS but doesnt want to have (or.... let's be real... can't afford) a full blown specialized pfix or SE primetime. and they got steven jensen to do the ad. you can see more here.

i know, you can rip me to shreds now.


(edit: to be fair, iminusd is having a sale on those SE primetimes and specialized pfix' which makes what i previously said false. but they were going for much higher than the shockwave's pricepoint when they were at MSRP. whatever... yeah.)

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