Tuesday, January 14, 2014

diamond dave not haggy hagar: half assed 7

half assed 7 from Phil & Destroy on Vimeo.
man... it's been a minute since the last 1/2 assed edit, but here the return and my, what a return it is. jball, robert rice, JD, gus and cole ruffing are a pretty eclectic and talented bunch. jball's got lines all day, robert's got that table on lock, JD can turn a run of the mill spot into something special with his bigass bag of tricks, and gus is a sexy mother fucker. what really put this over the top (for me anyway) was cole's lines. let'd go through them: at 1 minute he does a feeble, climbs up, and does a nose 180 drop. after second viewing the guy over shot that bitch. that's pretty nuts considering how much clearance he's got do execute said nose 180. then at 1:20 he busts a double peg, drops the nose down, does a tire slide right before he drops down into the loading dock. fucking magic. THEN THE ENDER. what the hell was that? random ass tech shit. ifuckswiddit.


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