Monday, December 2, 2013

the setup: ricardo lino "brainiac" by.....

(via rico lino)
ricardo lino is one of the most electriying riders in FGFS. recently, he announced that left the now disbanded grime bikes (soon to be turf bikes) for..... DESTROY BIKES. yes, my dude has be jumped into the destroy fam and the way we kick things off is with a new signature frame. dubbed the "brainiac" the setup has one of the tightest looking rear triangles i've ever seen. the bottom bracket seems a little higher than the unicorn killer and the front end seems CRAZY steep. this results in that i can only imagine to be a crazy responsive machine. on behalf of the destroy fam, welcome.

(p.s. look out for some good ass stuff from rico lino soon. he got jakob and jesse santos to come to purtugal for a fixed gear tour as well!)


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