Tuesday, December 31, 2013

my dude: jaoa for wheeltalk

JAOA DANAIKRIT + WHEEL TALK 2013 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
as people are compiling their best of 2013 lists, matt reyes upped what HAS to be one of the best i've seen for the year. jaoa is my dude. the guy was only here in the US for 3 months, but he made a huge impact on FGFS in that time. the guy is hands down one of the most talented dudes on a fixed drivetrain. his style is so insane and his bag of tricks is ridiculously deep. THOSE NOSE MANUALS. OH MAN. THEY'RE SOOOOOO PULLED OUT. fun fact: this guy can party any normal human being to the ground. i tried to keep up with him one night and ended up completely plastered... i also recall that he fuckin loves this song. but i digress- so many good ass lines and hitters. foojam tailwhip... the san jose moma fufanu... 180 drop to halfcab bar drop... ice over rail...

fucking watch it already.


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Sungwoo Kim said...

Wow.. this is insane. First fgfs video I've seen in a long while and makes me want to dig up all I've missed in the last couple years!!