Wednesday, December 25, 2013

krew love: CSK family values mixed tape

CSK Family Values Mixed Tape from CSK on Vimeo.
as i sit here slumped n my computer chair filled with brews and food, i'm super happy to be watching this CSK long ass edit. i dont know what's going on with me lately about my relationship with FGFS but any goddamn issue i had with the scene kinda vanished when i watched this one. first of all, this is an edit that lasts longer than 2 minutes. i fucking love that. the FOAD section... oh lawd. i'm super stoked to see that cofo and sam hanson are still alive- SAM HANSON DOING THAT PROLLYSPIN RESTORED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY AND THE 29ER. and how about matt spencer doing bars!?! honestly, i could write an entire essay about this piece. for a minute i was literally yelling at my screen. watch it NAAAAOOW.


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