Monday, October 7, 2013

set your ass down: jimmy watcha for unknown bikes

Jimmy Watcha + Unknown Bikes 2013 from Jimmy Watcha on Vimeo.
sit your ass down because i have a little story to tell you. some time last year vince from unknown facebook messaged me asking something along the lines of "so this jimmy kid is the real deal, huh?" i don't really remember what i said, but it was kinda like a "you don't even know" type thing. fast-forward to today and the kid is riding for them. i hope i had a little say in that! jimmy is proof that fgfs can make you want to throw shit. take the line at :37 for example... i filmed matt reyes doing that line a while back and jimmy just added a bar at the end of it. THAT'S BASED AS FUCK. at 1:15 he pedalchecks MID WHEELIE. OH WORD? THAT'S HOW IT IS? AND THAT ENDER. SO GOOD.


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