Tuesday, October 22, 2013

blacker than the blackest black times infinty: BLKCHRM series

(via blkchrm)
chrome should be synonymous with urban cycling to you already and today they released their "blkchrm" series. you can't go wrong with black, but chrome took black and made it cooler. you see, instead of the traditional cordura, these three bags of the BLKCHRM collection are made of hypalon. what is hypalon? it's made of pure A1 unicorn hide. it's the stuff they make US coast guard rafts out of. instead of the normal areas where they where they use tarpaulin outers, they use that creamy ass, buttery ass, full grain leaaaather. mmmmmm.... then there's the inside liner.... it's grayscale digi camo. i'm pretty sure they read my diary, reached into my soul and sewed it into a series of bags.



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