Friday, August 30, 2013

there will be lines and camp outs, just on the internets: slurpcult summer slowstrike '13

(via slurpcult)
the slurplord dropped this one on us earlier. the summer slowstrike (if you don't get it, i don't blame you- but if you do, fuck yeah) includes an eclectic collection of attire happily adorned with the marks of the slurp faithful. tye dye? of course. 5 panel caps with obnoxiously colorful floral pattern that no other company would dare run? yup. bucket hats? a little off kilter but yes, yes.

you should buy shit. YOU SHOULD BUY SHIT.

please be aware that the proceeds will help our (slurplord and i) efforts to order immense amounts of hot wings at 2:34 AM during the "two blogs, a brand and some dude" tour at interbike. 


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