Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the fam: nelson bell welcome to destroy

Nelson Bell Welcome to Destroy from Nelson on Vimeo.
destroy has an eclectic familia. let's go through their recent additions to the fam: valentin will take you to hammertown (apparently he got first at summerfix 2013?), jackson bradshaw will see a trick in anything... now nelson bell is crazy unique. you see, nelson is a part of that dying breed on 29er riders.... which is why i fuckin love this edit. the bars aren't supposed to look easy, that bike is not supposed to go that high, that nose manual is supposed to be almost impossible because this is done on a format that is deemed in the FGFS industry as "obsolete". it's supposed to be clunky and awkward.... but nelson kills those notions.

welcome to the fam dude.


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