Thursday, July 25, 2013

i need these: outlier x vans OTW bedford "submarine cotton"

(via outlier)
being a former shoe connoisseur, i have strong feelings about comfortable and durable shoes. personally i believe the vans half cab is one of the best riding shoes out there and it looks damn good with nearly anything. the bedford, a part of vans' OTW sector, kind of takes the 3/4ths silhouette of the half cab and essentially simplifies the outer. released today, outlier has teamed up with vans to create possibly the best pair of sneaks you will ever beat to shit. composed of highly water resistant submarine cotton (used liberally by outliers performance fashionwear), the bedfords are meant to be worn. round that out with stainless eyelets and a pigskin insole that keeps your feets (yes, feets) dry, and you have a highly technical yet strikingly simple pair of beaters.

and they can be yours for $90 which is not that bad considering the fact that anything else from outlier might cost you an arm and a leg. i mean come on, a $47 bandana? buy them now because 8.5's, 10's, and 12's are sold out.

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