Friday, May 10, 2013

they know what they're doing: the wheeltalk ride n style edit.

2013 Red Bull Ride + Style from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
icould be honest with myself- my edit was shit. im not making excuses, but i'll leave the video shit to the pros like zane and omar and matt. i know this made it's rounds in the blog-o-sphere already but hell, you're gonna watch it again because it's so good. no one captures FGFS like wheeltalk & chop em down films so when you put them together, you have a clusterfuck of radness. what this shit got that the other ones out there didnt get (especially that official edit) was the vibe. there was so many hammers thrown that didn't get seen and thank goodness my homies got some in video.

you can see me lose it in that ender with JD, then stick my face in my camera to see if i got it. hahaha


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