Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the standards we live up to: steven jensen for cant fool the youth

Can't Fool The Youth- Steven Jensen from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.
the second coming of the cant fool the youth video magazine is coming and to keep us occupado here, zane dropped this little doo-dad. i'm trying so hard to be subdued while typing this out but MY EYES ARE BLEEDING FROM HOW TECH THIS IS. OHHHWMYGAWWWWW. you know how long it took me to finish watching this? 20 gat damn minutes. this thing is less than 5 minutes long and i was repeating shit so many times that it took me 20 gat damn minutes to wrap my head around it. hell, it took me 5 minutes alone just to process that FIRST LINE. drop what you're doing and WATCH THIS.


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