Tuesday, April 2, 2013

it's like a unicorn: mark's MKE bruiser prototype

(via bike jerks)
in the beginning of FGFS's climb to where it is now, the MKE bruiser was one of those frames that really pushed the limits back then. sadly, the bruiser is no more (well, they still sell them but the bruiser II will not see the light of day i think) and we're left with the remnants of what was to be in this photo. this was the bruiser's second coming's prototype and it's sexy as hell. i remember one of the things that was supposed to change everything is the rear spacing- at 135 (as opposed to track spacing's 120), the chain would actually lay straight rather than crudely offset. unfortunately that day never came. mark's setup is badass in bike form and is inspiration for that big tired behemoth commuter i've been dying to build.

you can see more of what never happened here.


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