Saturday, March 30, 2013

well that's a change: lockedcog for.... zontrac?

(via LC)
i'm not going to lie, when i heard about this, i literally rubbed my eyes and was like "wait, whaaaaaa?" if you're not doing the same then you dont know my homies kris and zontrac well. kris of lockedcog is one of the last dudes that held steady to the no straps approach. the zontrac fam is.... well.... a strap company. pretty sure my brain imploded. i have never seen the dude run any foot retention for like.... years. regardless of my mind being essploded by the news that he'll be running straps, i'm really really psyched to see where he goes with it. also psyched that he's getting support from the zontrac fam.

makin' moves, y'all.


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