Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the local locals: payton schwarz for blk mrkt

Payton Schwarz for BLK MRKT Bikes Spring 2013 from Ronnie Garcia on Vimeo.
payton is another one of those dudes based out of the bay area and he fuckin rips. he hangs out with the eb86 fam and recently got together with ronnie garcia to film this little guy for blk mrkt bikes. dude's got such a low slung style (and yes, it goes with the music) that has some really good technical qualities to it- that tire slide was TWEAKED son! look out for the homie.


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Snow said...

We've been riding with Payton a fair bit lately in Oakland and he flat out Kills shit. Nice
work Payton and Ronnie....makes me want to ride!