Thursday, January 31, 2013

a resurgence: sonny ony for slyfix

Sonny ony january 2013 from SLYFIX JAKARTA on Vimeo.
so FGFS reaches the corners of the world and stuff, and the slyfix crew of jakarta happens to be proof of that. sonny ony's a part of that clique and he's one of those random dudes that you kinda have to take time to comprehend the lines. the endings of the lines aren't as pretty as most, but when you look at the line as a whole you gotta think "damn, you pulled that one out". for an example, check the line at 2:20 down the long 3- 180, halfcab straight into a bar. how he pulled that bar at the end without set up? beats me.

and he's doing it with bb drop.


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