Friday, December 21, 2012

tonight, but without vowels: mad fuego pt 1 with matt dizon

Mad Fuego pt. 1 from Matt Dizon on Vimeo.
i remember when i went to see badbadnotgood live in SF, they played this song. matt sent this over the other day- technically he sent a dead link but i finally got to it. usually people have a certain style to their tricks and my homie is no different. matt has a certain creative attention to his lines and the one at 1:02 was one of them. a nose pivot half cab is a simple ass line, but matt changed that into a 180 nose tap thing and squeezed it into a small area. that's some real thought out shit. hyped to see what comes out of this series.


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Snow said...

In a sea of cookie cutter park/hop bar fgfs edits...this was a breathe of fresh air. Keep it up Matt!