Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the next round: bikeminimalism shortlist for best of 2012

(via bikeminimalism)
the next round of the bikminimalism awards 2012 has kicked off this morning and my rally to get destroy bikes on there has worked, not to mention i've made it to this round in the blog category. it doesn't really help that i'm going against much bigger blogs... like, huge blogs. but everyone likes and underdog and i'll think positively for a change. so what does this mean? you gotta go vote again! here's the breakdown of my vote:

1)The Product of 2012: phil wood crankset. because its pretty and i can't afford it.
2)The Best Frame 2012: LOW pursuit. american made is making a come back.
3)The Small Entrepreneur 2012: destroy bicycles. dudes my age revolutionizing FGFS with american made frames with the best geometries. and they party. so yeah.
4)The Blog 2012: bomb hills speed kills. because internet.
5)#fixiefamous 2012: kenny arimoto. you do know his middle name is "mothafuckin" right?
6)The Event 2012: redbull. it's the only one i went to. just being honest.
7)The Urban Cycling Apparel Brand 2012: cadence. because dustin is OG.
8)The Hardware Brand 2012: Paul. because they're rad. phil wood. because i can't afford that. LDG. because santos. Fyxation. because they come out with new, afforable stuff all the time.

please, get out there and vote.


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