Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the land of strange names: noridadore III

NORIDAORE Ⅲ from SuZKID on Vimeo.
yeah so this one is a little bit on the long side, and yes it's comp footy not raw footy, but i can't complain because 1) i love edits from japan because they're so different stylistically, 2) this song is catchy, 3) we need longer edits nowadays (sorry thieth, i'm the opposite of quick clip). i just want to point out something i'm finding unique to this area and that's the bikes and styles. some of these dudes are running bb drop 700c/29ers and doing heavy stuff, and some of these dudes are running 26" and running flat game. there there are dudes who are essentially running DJ bikes with a fixed drivetrain.

japan is so awesome.


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