Monday, October 15, 2012

local local focus: daniel le

Daniel Le October Edit from Daniel Le on Vimeo.

Saturday Night Throwaway from Daniel Le on Vimeo.
daniel le is a kid in my neighborhood that documents the FGFS scene in san jose pretty damn well. dude also rides with a mob like everyday. it's for that reason why i'm giving a little focus to the dude and the crew- they just stack clips like pringles chips and throw them up all the time. danny dropped his solo edit along with some random throwaway clips- look out for peter chen's feeble on a thin ledge as well as some call me maybe action in suburbia. if you want to get a good cohort of what's happening on the local level here in SJ, look at what danny drops.




josh said...

it was a feeble bar on that ledge but it was too dark to see 

bhsk said...

oh shit, i didnt even notice that.