Friday, September 7, 2012

refrain from spilling the thun thun thun: fixie factory 1 year anniversary power labor day weekend extravaganza with the CSK California division

Fixed Factory 1 Year Anniversary Power Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza with the CSK California Division from CSK on Vimeo.
yes, i typed the whole title out. jruff, the captain of the CSK clique,  made his way to long beach to hang out with the world famous fixie factory on their first anniversary. matt spencer, mike dinh, xxantonyoxx, elliot, joe, calvin gunt, and corey make appearances in a pretty chill one. that one spot where mike dinh and elliot did the sdrop down grind lines is INSANE! matt is getting crazy good with the tech, joe goes big, and antonyo's ender is pretty crazy. corey also goes the best no hander i've ever seen ever. ever. man i need to make a trip down there one day.


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