Thursday, September 27, 2012

BHSK approved: jonah kessel for YNOT

Jonah Kessel for YNOT from Jonah Kessel on Vimeo.
speaking of YNOT, here's jonah kessel. jonah actually gave me a heads up that he wore the BHSK x 1990vlns shirt i gave him at redbull in this one. dude will ride until the lights come on, literally. not only does the flatland skill show (i mean, he's essentially a disciple of the chacon style), but he's really dishing out some heavy stuff. if you pause at :51 and see how tucked he gets, you'll  know exactly what i mean. dude's a killer, he's young, and i'm pretty sure in these upcoming months or so he's going to define FGFS.


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