Wednesday, September 26, 2012

beat 'em up: unknown & xxantonyoxx's "daddy long pegs"

(via unknown)
these just dropped a couple minutes ago. antonyo, vince and elliot milner went out to korea a few days ago to rip it up. while there, antonyo got to see his pegs for the first time. unlike the majority of pegs out there, these are 4.6" long (hence the "daddy long pegs" moniker)- that's over half an inch longer than what you're used to. at 7.1 oz per peg, that's pretty light for the extra .6 inches. a unique part of these pegs is the fact they they might just be the world's first "straight edge" pegs. so sorry, dudes you cant be spilling booze all over them. <3 u antonyo bby. hahaha!



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