Monday, August 13, 2012

watch this, now: nick koo on deal with it TV

Deal With it TV - Nick Koo from Matthew Rice on Vimeo.
nick is one of my very good buddies, and i know this has been in the works for quite some time. this one spans a couple of frames and forks- it seems like every time he's ready to drop something, a part has to break on his bike (someone please help him with this). naturally, this means that the whole damn edit is dope as hell with fast, smooth, and calculated long lines. his philosophy of fully utilizing the fixed drivetrain to it's fullest potential shows in this one, and it proves that a rider can be good with whatever setup- in the beginning, there was bbdrop and thinner tires; by the end there were huge tires and negative bb. he broke them all, but then again my homie was dropping jaws and blowing minds. there are not a lot of people who i would really love to see get supported by this sport/discipline, but nick koo is definitely one of them. in fact he's on the top of that list. this is what i like seeing and this is how it's done people. deal with it and eb86 is really moving it forward.



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