Monday, August 13, 2012

the battle of juggernauts: 2013 specialized pfix vs 2013 SE primetime

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i held back on the previous post with the specialized pfix because i wanted to get both the pfix and the primetime in one post. since i came back to san jose, the specialized pfix (they haven't updated that page yet) has become quite the fixture in the environment. there's no denying that they have a good stranglehold on the complete bike market in terms of FGFS.

(via pedal consumption)
this upcoming season the incumbent champion of the FGFS complete realm will be challenged by the SE's offering dubbed "primetime". i could imagine that this is a showtime frame built up, but it seems like the primetime has a completely different head tube as well as the obligatory brake braze ons. from what i see, the primetime does not have a micro drive hub, but then again you're just going to throw those onto craigslist.  these two frames have vastly different geometries (the SE having a more dramatic top tube angle) and i have a hunch that we'll be seeing specialized's grip on the market loosen up.

what do you think?


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