Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the best proof: finn zygowski's "the east"

The East - Finn Zygowski from Skitch on Vimeo.
i didnt even have to watch this to know it's good. this has everything that goes against the mainstream FGFS model (and that's the reason why i love it)- we're talking about bottom bracket drop, big boy wheels, a right hand drive pegless setup, grinds on the previously stated right hand drivetrain, and a setting that isn't california and in a park. in the end, this is an extremely fresh edit that has crazy creative lines (i.e. 1:57) at spots that take some thinking before riding. seriously people, this is what needs to be done and is proof that one does not need 26" wheels or negative BB or pegs. if that's what's stopping you from riding full on, then watch this and stop being a pussy.


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