Thursday, July 5, 2012

unnecessary asymetry: comencal velo acid

(via comencal)
i respect comencal for their downhill and mtb rides. but when a respectable bike company tries to creep in on the fixed gear culture, it's often a toss-up. take the new comencal acid "fixie" (i really hate that word)- right off the bat you can see what i'm talking about. it's an asymetrical frame that wants to be a rough and tumble FGFS style bike (you would expect it to be coming from an MTB company), and judging by the fork it seemed to head that way. on closer inspection, it actually ends up being a cheap gimmicky bike. there's not clearance for big tires- it wants to be a viable commuter, but doesn't have the chops. in the end it's confused by it's heritage and the current trends.  if i were to go with a comencal street machine however, i would go for the uptown 29er:

it looks alot better, and seems a million times more fun. if i wanted something from an MTB bloodline, i'll get this. it's nothing really special, but that's what makes it great.


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