Monday, July 16, 2012

little dude, #bigboywheelclique: tyler nakamoto july 2012

Tyler Nakamoto July 2012 from humon moeen on Vimeo.
this kid. he's 14. he's making me feel really really old and untalented right about now. i think i watched a couple of the lines in here more than 4 times to wrap my head around his age AND his choice to be a part of the #bigboywheelclique. kid's got handles. 180 to uneven surface, fakie bar at 2:02, everything after 2:08; obviously that roof bar was absolutely brain damaging to viewers. people, we're talking about 540 cabs, trucks, roof drops, and thoroughly threaded lines.

he's 14. again, process that. that's what's up.


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