Saturday, July 28, 2012

if a banger goes down in san jose and no one knows the rider: jimmy watcha for pagan

Jimmy Watcha x Pagan from Daniel Le on Vimeo.
you may not be familiar with jimmy, you may not be familiar with pagan. but since i'm in san jose now, i know who he is and i know what he's capable of. he's one of those local local dudes who's riding every day, but he's not just a dude- he's THE dude. i have a couple of AMAZING photos of the guy when he was tour guide for 209 cogs. this edit doesnt even start to sum up his riding. keep an eye on this homie.


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Turdinthepunchbowl said...

fuck yeah, lets use nazi imagery for out lame, half assed logo. honestly kids are fucking idiots. this kid is good, but there is no belief in respecting ABD in fixed gear. so much of that shit was done at those spots forever ago...