Sunday, July 8, 2012

devil and the details: aston martin x factor bikes

(via selectism)
when high end car makers go into bicycles, the results are usually 1) unexciting, and 2) absolutely horrific looking. so when this popped up, i thought i would hate it. guess what? yeah, i think i hate it. this is the carbon fiber child of aston martin and factor bikes. you should know i love well designed an thought out bikes (and it's a beautifully designed bike, i admit), but there's a line here. this does not need the silly and flashy wheels, this does not need the built in lighting system (yes, it's there), this does not need a cluttered cockpit, nor does it need the distracting touch screen with the motorsport data logging system. bicycles are meant to be beautifully simple, not beautifully complex. check it out for yourself here.


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