Friday, July 20, 2012

BIGGER: surly krampus creates the 29+ sector

(via surly)
i am a strange guy that loves everything big to the point where everyone's idea of "big" means "that's not big enough". this is the reason i'm a tad obsessed over fat bikes, and this is also the reason why i love me some 29ers. surly shares this love of mine. enter the krampus, knard and rabbit hole- all made with the intent of making the big wheeled better. 29x3 is ridiculous- i'm running 29x2.1's and i think that's pretty big already. velocity p35s are 35mm wide- the rabbit hole rims are a whopping 50mm wide. that's almost twice as wide. it's almost ridiculous how specific these parts are, but man does it look fun.

i want to try those 2.3's on my bike....


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Snow said...

so dope...the bigger the better