Sunday, June 10, 2012

whyyyy, cuz they lovin' the crreeeewww: royal HC team edit II

Team Edit 2 from Royal HC on Vimeo.
i'm a big supporter of royal HC because i respect what they do. i also respect that they keep it pretty local supporting dudes like elliot milner (who's been really hitting it hard lately), gabe garcia, and jball. i'm really digging this music because it makes every thing look like "yeah i did that, no big deal, we're just messing around."; gabe does a cab bar, and has that mindnumbing cab cab 540 line, jball has those threaded lines at :47, and the old school big spin swag at the end, and though elliot clips were sparse here, he had the sketch ender. it's a really good one i promise.


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