Wednesday, June 6, 2012

that's a nice conversion: rik x biascagne cicli "forgood" fixed gear bike

(via biascagne-cicli)
of course i say that with sarcasm because i absolutely LOATHE seeing conversions. it's not the elitism, it's a functional thing- and when you see a perfectly good 80's frame being wasted on fixie sensibilities, you'd get mad too. now to this bike; built by biascagne and painted by artist riccardo guasco, this fixie conversion is being sold with the proceeds going to city of hope. i forgot to mention that this bike is going for $1,520 USD.

WHAT? it's hurting me to see this perfectly good road frame in this kind of torture. it has a nice NOS gruppo, but one and a half grand for a conversion with formula hubs...


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