Sunday, June 3, 2012

pump it out: wonka and santos invade bangkok, thailand

WONKA AND SANTOS INVADE BANGKOK from jakob santos on Vimeo.
so, ed wonka from the grime has been in thailand for a good while and jakob of LDG (who has been pushing out edits like it was paper to a copier) went down there for a week to ride and participate in promos. the street riding and park riding (which i sometimes loathe) is killer in this one; look for jakob's long double peg and line at 2:54 where he almost clips that school girl mid 180, and look for ed's hangover at 1:32 and line at 2:29.

by the way, i thing dew sippawit makes an appearance at a promo. jakob 180's some dudes at 3:40, and dew comes up and bars the same dudes. i really hope we see more of him soon.


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